What Is GleezCMS?

GleezCMS is a user-friendly website content management system. With GleezCMS you can easily build dynamic websites within a matter of minutes with just the click of your mouse! Maintain your web content, navigation and even limit what groups or specific users can access, from anywhere in the world with just a web browser!

With an emphasis on security and functionality, GleezCMS is a professional and robust system suitable for any business or organization website. Built on the PHP programming language and the MySQL database, GleezCMS delivers superb performance on any size website.

If you haven't got the time to learn on how to edit and start a website like this, we can do it for you and place it.

Login with pre-set user and password to see all Gleez CMS features. Besides, you can register as a member and examine all the options.

Username: demo
Password : demo

Site management area.Administrator has full access to members management, category, tags, URL alias, site sections management and other site parameters.

Username: demoadmin
Password : demoadmin